Live your life with zero resistance to the greatest version of yourself

Pranayama + Movement + Meditation
Learn the Key Tools of Kundalini Yoga
Experience the Power of the Mind Over the Body

Your subtle shift in consciousness makes big ripples in the universe.

The world is ready for you

It is up to you to maintain your own energy in the world. The good news is that you can create an internal vibration that matches what you want to experience in life. 

I would like to show you how

This practice has completely transformed my life. I feel more connected to my higher self than I ever have. I believe this class has shifted me to the best pathway possible for this time in my life. It has helped me become more aware and introspective in my both physical and emotional body. I find it easier to work through feelings or difficult emotions, I have more energy and I tripled my understanding of the practice of gratitude.

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Meet your day with resilience

Clear your energy so that you can show up with clarity as your best self. Starting today.

The first step is to look inward and connect to your breath, your life force, your prana. 

You begin by cultivating a daily ritual of making your own acquaintance and developing an authentic relationship with your truest-self.

40 Day Sadhana

Fully accept your unique gifts and have the confidence to share them with the world

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40 Day Sadhana

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