40 Day Sadhana

Clear your blocks & tap into your true potential

You want…

more energy throughout your day

a sense of lightness

the ability to maintain your focus

more clarity

Start your day

with a practice

Of making your own acquaintance. By looking inward and “checking in” with your mind, your body, and your energy.

This is the start of a roadmap that leads you to more awareness and connection to your true self.

What you will find is that the answers are within you.

This practice of pranayama, movement and meditation moves lots of stored energy that’s been collected over your lifetime.

It allows you to free up blocks that you may not even know exist.

Why 40 Days?

It takes 40 days to create a habit. Forty days of this pranayama, movement, and meditation practice allows your subconscious to gently release any thoughts and emotional patterns that hinder you.  

What does Sadhana mean?

Sadhana is your daily practice

Your pranayama, movement, and meditation practice helps you to seal the deal. To more efficiently clear out what’s not serving you so that you can experience more of what you want.

Is meditation for me?

Meditation IS for everyone. Think of it as a daily shower to clean your mind.

It helps you to develop a relationship with your mind and to understand that you are living consciousness of pure potential.

The chitta stores all the memories, sensory impressions, and patterns created in the mind. The goal of this meditation practice is to break your old patterns and plant a seed for new pathways. It clears out your subconscious blocks or reactions that hinder your true potential.

What's included?

Your morning Sadhana is a time that you carve out for yourself.

Forty-five minutes focused on just YOU. Your mind, your body, and your spirit.

You’ll learn that in Kundalini Yoga we speak to 10 bodies, not just one. You’ll gain tools to manage and connect with each of the ten bodies in a way to balance and utilize your strengths for more fulfillment in your life.

This 5 Day Master Class Series  has a specific focus to give you daily tools vital to your energy maintenance and overall wellness. These tools help you discover and uncover your potential in different areas of your life. You’ll be guided and supported in exploring your unfolding layers with accessible teachings and additional food for thought as you release those old blocks that no longer serve you.

This practice guides you on your own unique path and helps you uncover your Sat Nam, your truth

You’ll have access to live Zoom sessions

Monday – Thursday, 6:00  – 6:45 a.m. EST 

and daily recordings of the lives to watch on your own time 

Create a practice space in the intimacy of your own home and have the flexibility to participate anytime that works for you.

You’ll be completely supported within the community and elevated by the group energy whether you attend live or practice with the recording. Our community continues to grow and currently stretches across the United States and beyond. 


Yoga Teachers registered with Yoga Alliance will receive CEU Credits 

I'm lighter. My inner voice is kinder. I start my day with gratitude. I look forward to it. I feel amazing all day. My spirits were high. I feel good. I enjoy liking myself and my world. Hope. Happiness.

I found an unexpected development of discipline, a desire to complete unfinished projects in my life and a more constructive tolerance of those who share beliefs very contrary to my own and those who have judged or hurt me.

I absolutely noticed a surge in my energy (spiritual and physical) ..especially towards the very end. I breathe more, I’m more centered and I’m less stressed.

I truly believe that the experience of these Sadhanas (the meditation, the breath work, the ‘self-care’ aspect, the connection with Teacher, the connection with Self, the connection with Community) has transformed me on a cellular level. My vibration has elevated, my heart has opened, my mind has calmed and my spirit has awoken. All the things in me that COVID was shutting down were opened back up through this practice. I cannot pinpoint one specific moment of “change”...rather it’s been a slow, subtle, deep shift.

I have a greater capacity for patience, greater capacity for clarity, greater capacity for laughter / levity.

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