I’m Leigh Mallis.
I want to empower you to love louder


Know the answers lie within you. You just need a roadmap to get there

Want to find your way back to feeling excitement, joy, and contentment

Need to navigate these changing times and stay true to yourself

Are ready to love yourself into wholeness so you can show up for others in your life


Life is complicated. Especially when you’re trying to please everyone else before you look at your own needs. I spent most of my life living outside of myself, seeking approval and love from others. It was exhausting.

Imagine how it would feel to love all parts of yourself

Zero resistance means having the confidence to shine your inner light bright. You have unique gifts and I want to help you uncover that innate wisdom that’s yours.

The beautiful part about this journey is that there are layers of expansion just waiting to be experienced.

You have everything you need inside to heal, let go, find more joy, and become the curator of the life you want to live

I'd love to help you let go of resistance

so that you can...

Access an internal spring of life that has been at the base of your existence, buried way below the surface

Shed anger, resentment, and fear to live lighter and more joyfully

Expand your compassion and acceptance for yourself and others

Feel stronger, more confident, and empowered to answer your own questions


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation connect your mind, body and spirit. It allows you to shift your energy immediately. It’s effects are powerful, long-lasting, and enable you to live your life fully and with love

To take steps to experience the vastness that exists when you tap into the unlimited mind. A space where letting go of your mental resistance becomes the norm and you feel the ease of being in the flow.

My passion for yoga and meditation started 23 years ago in 1998 when I asked just the right person, at just the right time to lead the way to my first yoga class. That evening after a long day in the corporate recruiting world I found myself in a private home “tuning in” to a kundalini yoga class.

What an incredible introduction to yoga! This marked the beginning of an awakening to the inner wisdom that lies within and has always been there. 

Energy flows where your attention goes. And just by shining the light of attention inward I found myself on a path that continues to grow. Since that evening, I have been committed to studying, teaching and sharing the tools that have greatly influenced my life. 


Through the Covid Pandemic my offerings shifted immediately as it became clear that we needed a way to connect and stay grounded but virtually. This has been a blessing to all of us as we tune in from the intimacy and privacy of our own homes. You create a sacred space and a meditation ritual for yourself, while being part of a larger community that expands beyond the borders of the United States.

Leigh's Bio

Leigh Mallis’s gift in sharing yogic science is making these tools accessible for all of us to use, no matter what our stage in life or belief system.

Her superpower as a guide and teacher is holding space for her students to do the work so that they can realize their innate potential and prosperity. Many of her students have found their unique calling after studying with Leigh.

She’s empowered students for over 20 years, taught thousands of classes, founded Pranic Soul Yoga School with over 50 graduates, and has held many beautiful retreats including at Blackberry Mountain and Tulum. She’s had extensive training and practice in many yoga traditions including Kundalini, Ahstanga, and Vinyasa. She’s been a part of Summer Solstice Sadhana and White Tantric Yoga Workshops for 15 years, holds Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Certification and Level 2 Certification for Mind and Meditation, Conscious Communication, Stress and Vitality, Lifestyles and Lifecycles, and Authentic Relationships through Kundalini Research Institute.

Leigh lives in Atlanta with her husband, two daughters, and their beloved dog Loulou. After all these years, she’s still excited to show up every day and teach!

My mission

is to help you connect to a place within of pure love. Your Sat Nam, your truth.

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Clarity, peace of mind, much greater practice of mindfulness in my daily life - I am much more present with my clients and enjoy adding some of these practices with some.

I have loved learning the strengths I have inside whether mentally or physically. This whole turning 40, figuring myself out again and raising a daughter that needs to show emotion and empathy were starting to drain me but now I feel re-energized and have tons of tools to use. Thank you for the kindness, having an open heart and holding space for all of us even through this crazy coronavirus which none of us thought would end this way. Thank you for opening kundalini to me. I NEVER would have thought it would have resonated the way it has and I will forever be a practitioner.”

“I feel even more focused, grounded and in tune with my body. I fell even more in love with the beautiful practice and myself.”

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